Your time is very important to us…

How many times have you heard these words on phone messages, from service people, and from companies that keep you waiting? At FixOClock your time REALLY IS important to us. Started in 1999 by clock enthusiast, NAWCC member, and trained repair professional Ed O’Brien, caring for how you track your time is FixOClock’s top priority.

Ed O’Brien’s enthusiasm for clocks and watches grows out of a life-long pursuit of mechanical interests. He was educated in journalism and business, with a career path virtually all in proximity of mechanics and engineering, including editing Popular Hot Rodding Magazine and other performance automotive and related magazines, then spending 24 years in industrial cooling and air conditioning systems. 

Clock and watch repair classroom schooling has been provided by extremely knowledgeable and skilled practitioners. Out-of-class tutoring, guidance, encouragement and critique has been at the hands of an ever-growing group of enthusiasts willing to share their expertise. We intend to be dynamic, reacting to what works for visitors by expanding our boundaries and utilizing the knowledge and experience of experts in related fields. In this regard, we will welcome the opportunity to evaluate and present input from visitors to this site that might help other horologists.

Visit often for information about such topics as:

  • Technical articles and repair tips for clocks and watches 
  • Lathe and Mill work with tool making tips 
  • Help locating hard-to-find parts, movements and clocks 
  • Links to valuable resources for collection and repairs 
  • Atmos Clock information and advice
  • Purchase and sale of clocks, tools, and accessories